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Therapy Session

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

​I use an Integrated approach to cognitive hypnotherapy that can help you make positive changes in your life.

This is a two-way process where you are very much in control, so working together we can help you discard negative behaviours which are holding you back, to find a more positive way of living.

As a cognitive hypnotherapist I understand that each person is unique, this is why I provide a treatment plan that will be specific to your needs, to put you back in control of your thoughts and behaviours, to solve those challenges and break free of your limitations that will leave you feeling empowered, guiding you out of your problematic state towards your solution state. 

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a fluid and flexible approach it is designed in such a way that the therapist and client are able to work together, to achieve a certain goal.

Cognitive hypnotherapy provides the client with the knowledge and skills needed to take back control of their feelings thoughts and behaviours.

All work is at a pace that suits you.

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